imagesPrima Strategic Group is a leading business consulting, performance evaluation, monitoring, inspection, testing, knowledge management, and certification company that provides independent services to industrial houses, businesses, governments, and to not-for-profit organizations. We provide our client’s lessons learned and need-based lasting solutions to improve their performance, realize their goals and make appropriate policy decisions.

who-we-arePrima Strategic Group as such, is more or less a co-operative venture whereby many of the professionals, working with company are equity shareholders as well as stakeholders. We serve to a broad mix of private, public, and social-sector organizations globally. Our company is designed to operate as ‘One Global Team and is owned by several partners, spread across the globe.The competency and capabilities of our people is the backbone of our ability to serve our clients. Our talent includes all disciplines such as engineers, business managers, entrepreneurs, and academic professionals. Their diversity of discipline, background, gender and nationality ensures that our customers receive a local and subject matter expertize.We collate and analyze lessons, market conditions, industry trends, and upcoming best practices. Most representatives contribute time and expertise to communicate and share these insights for further improving the delivery of our services and participation in industry associations.Our company does not represent any particular industry segment, organization, country or business interest, instead it focuses on solutions around global industries and social programs to support the policy and strategic decisions, where small and major industries, as well as communities, have a voice.

what-we-doWe serve our clients in both ways ‘bottom-up and ‘top-down‘. Bottom-up helps streamlining and improving the efficiency of working category people and processes; whereas in ‘top-down approach we help cascading the top management’s expectations to every level of their organization, and we remain as a hands-on coach for front line employees.