Agriculture Sector


Agricultural inspections have traditionally been focused on unintentional introduction of pests or diseases during production but now in view of growing globalization, there are possibilities of deliberate introduction of these threats, hence establishing a program for quality control, quality assurance, unbiased independent inspections of eatable agriculture products are extremely important to safeguards the brand name, society and human lives.


Perform Inspection, Packers and Stockyards monitoring as per USDA/ GIPSA guidelines for assuring the quality and quantity of grain, rice, and pulse as well as grading activities. Our stowage examination ensures that carriers and containers that hold grain, rice, pulses, and related products are clean, dry, and fit for loading.

Supervision of Loading & Discharge, Weight Control, Sampling, Quality Control, Fumigation & Disinfection, Loss Prevention of Bulk Materials, Quality Problem Solving, Warehousing, HACCP Audits and verifications are some of the key activities.


We control and analyze your products to be sure they meet quality, safety and compliance requirements for all your global destinations. Our services extend to the prevention of insect related damage, safe storage monitoring, logistics support and primary processing activities, all ensuring value is retained and even added where possible.
At PSG, we provide a complete suite of solutions at every stage of the value chain to bring your agricultural commodities to market.
Worldwide, our qualified experts deliver comprehensive services and cost effective solutions including, sampling, testing, inspection, control and certification of your commodities. These services can be stand alone, or part of an integrated package of measures to assist your company throughout the value chain.


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