Asset Preservation & Management System


The equipment and materials cost about 40-60% of the project’s cost, and we often spend more prior to taking those M&E into use due to long storage or unprotected and inappropriate packing.

Further more, the falling prices of oil & gas have derailed numerous major projects globally, causing organizations to either take equipment offline in case of drilling projects or store those purchased for longer duration on early phase construction projects. Our extensive lesson learned based  preservation, storage and preventive maintenance strategies and plans have helped our clients to prevent most preservation issues and ensure uninterrupted utilization of these materials.


Recommending Preservation & Maintenance strategies for new and already installed equipment & materials, as well as developing guidelines and plans for controlled storage, handling, preventive maintenance, inspection and testing are the key elements of these services.



Following are the key elements PSG focuses and supports the clients:

  1. Establishing preservation, storage and preventive maintenance guidelines for design and engineering phase (FEED and EPCI).
  2. Ensuring alignment of preservation and storage guidelines and client expectations with all stakeholder which include design engineer, supplier, construction and operations team, quality assurance and owner’s representatives.
  3. Review or development of  preservation and storage plans and procedures for during production, storage, shipment, site storage prior to installation and post installation until the equipment is commissioned or materials  at site has been utilized.
  4. Oversight and monitoring the preservation activities through-out the value chain.
  5. Reporting, preventive maintenance and protection verification and documenting the learning to support continual improvement.