Inspection and Verification


Why are we late in delivery AGAIN?- No matter how hard we work on our procurement, manufacturing and construction planning and whatever scheduling software we use, we still find ourselves surprised again and again about last minute late in delivery of orders to our clients.

The reason is that over the past decade, organizations have taken big step towards capacity planning and scheduling and there are great consultants and software tools in the market to help clients plan orders, material management and productivity improvement but remember, the capacity planning and scheduling are only half of the “value chain” The other half belongs to the Engineering and Real Time Quality Control over Manufacturing and Construction processes.

Moreover, no matter how advanced or expensive the software, tools and machinery are, the most important resources in our industries are our employees. Neglecting to monitor the competence, expertise and level of training of front line employees will directly result in higher failure rates, inefficiencies of our manufacturing and construction processes and constant delays of shipments to customers.


Our industrial sector vision is to be recognized and respected by our customers for delivering world class services; and innovative & sustainable solutions to facilitate risk free facilities operations, improved economy and efficient project execution worldwide.

We let you regain control over the quality of your materials and equipment, whether you are sourcing it from outside suppliers or you are manufacturing these in your own facilities including if these are located on the other side of the world. Our system ensures production monitoring and helps significantly improve quality, increase productivity and minimize downtime incidents.

Our world-leading inspection and verification services, such as checking the condition and weight of traded goods at point of origin and trans-shipment, verification of work activities per the agreements, help clients to control quantity and quality, and conformance to meet all relevant and regulatory requirements.

We try to understand our customers business needs in order to provide tailor-made Quality Assurance (QA) services for purchased Engineered Equipment, Line-Pipe, Drilling & Completions Equipment, OCTG Goods; and Fabricated Structure and Equipment Packages for capital investment projects.


PSG’s team performs some of the following activities:
1. Work with buyer to develop purchasing specifications, which meets buyer’s requirements and industry standards.
2. Perform capability evaluation audits of suppliers, to ensure supplier has the required capabilities and can meet client’s quality, safety and schedule requirements, while not compromising with any written expectations.
3. Review, evaluate and provide input to the bid evaluation and clarification process to clients, to ensure use of sound contracting conditions to which supplier can deliver the agreed material, equipment and services.
4. Review, evaluate and accept, qualification and competency of inspection, audit and assessment personnel, and identify organizational capability gaps.
5. Work with both buyer and supplier organization to minimize the identified gaps either in plant capabilities or in execution team.
6. Review, mark-up and help establishing Quality Control as well as Inspection & Test Plans (ITP) of suppliers, based on criticality of each comodity, equipment, package or service.
7. Provide regular feedback to the buyers of significant quality issues.