Supplier Quality Management


In today’s dynamic business environment, suppliers play an important role in bringing products to market. As businesses continue to evolve and improve efficiencies in the production process, the supply chain, plays an ever-increasing role in ensuring business objectives are met.

Quite simply put, a supplier quality system is only effective if it produces a high-quality product. Many companies streamline quality operations within their company-improving processes, taking corrective action, maintaining compliance, and more. But as demand grows, these companies must outsource to suppliers to provide them with the components they need to continue to meet such demand. If supplier quality is poor, then the overall product suffers. Without visibility into the supplier’s quality system, it is difficult for companies to ensure a high-quality product.

When a product fails to meet quality standards, it is often the parent company (or brand owner) that must incur the liability for such events. Below picture provides an overview of the PSG’s approach to assure the supplier quality and minimize cost, schedule and risks without compromising  with Quality of products.


We evaluate supply chain risks, both large and small, and provide End to End Supply Chain Management support i.e. from Pre-Purchase stage to completion of the purchase order. This includes:

  • Bid Evaluations,
  • Criticality based Vendor Assessments,
  • Vendor Surveillance,
  • On-site Inspections,
  • Pre-Qualification Survey and Capability Evaluations,
  • Inspection, Testing & Checking,
  • Witnessing of Performance and Factory Acceptance Tests,
  • NDT Services (Review of Procedures)
  • Quality Assurance during Material and Equipment Manufacturing,
  • Quality Control Consultancy at Shop Level,
  • Statutory & Safety Certification (Pressure Vessel & Boiler),
  • Expediting and Locating Suppliers,
  • Commissioning & Witnessing Functional Test.
  • Review of Final Data Books,


Our Quality Assurance Team provides services for materials and equipment such as Machinery, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Oil Country Tubular Goods(OCTG), Well- Heads, Subsea Equipment, Valves, Electrical Equipment, Packaged Skid-Mounted Equipment and other materials. The activities the team can assist with are:

  • Developing a list of high-quality suppliers for a commodity
  • Evaluate and Qualify New Suppliers
  • Providing Quality Assurance Requirements for Purchase Orders (PO)
  • Reviewing P.O. Packages for adequacy and accuracy
  • Creating Criticality based Inspection & Test Plan (ITP),
  • Itemizing inspections and tests we want our inspectors to Review or Witness during manufacturing or fabrication
  • Recommending and assigning a comptent  Inspector to execute the approved Inspection Plan
  • Participating in pre-production meetings with manufacturer, during which the P.O. package and inspection plan are reviewed, expectations clarified and questions answered
  • Reviewing Inspection Reports and coordinating the resolution of Non-conformances, including process improvements to prevent recurrence.