Environmental Sector

Environmental Sector
Environmental Sector

Weather and climate can affect almost all aspects of our lives. Studies show, if future emissions follow the ‘business as usual’ projection, then CO2 concentration in the atmosphere will be more than double over the next 100 years. Likewise, if global emissions remain at current levels, concentrations would still go on rising. If global emissions were cut in half, concentrations would still increase.

How Do We Help

We work closely with Government and private sector to help understand and predict the risks from climate variability and change. We provide technological services to establish performance standards for new and existing programs. We do perform and participate in Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Audits, Risk Assessment of Hazardous Chemical Storage, Identification & Evaluation of Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites, Environmental Management Systems & Training, Implementation and Certification as Per BS 7750 And ISO 14000 Standards.

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