Industrial Sector


Contractual agreement and effectively managing it through the execution is the key to successful outcome of any program. Identifying most critical to less critical elements of a program and applying experienced based logical approach often help prioritizing needed actions.

As complexity of the projects and equipment is increasing due to globalization and research & development, organizations are being forced to adopt advances of technology, to keep up with the development and competition, which require reliable and tested methodologies as well as the adoption of new unfamiliar processes. While adopting these new technologies and methodologies, its important to manage changes, without compromising with Health, Safety and Environmental issues. Organization now are expecting proactive management with due diligence. 


We ensure that the requirements to procure Materials, Equipment and Services (MES) are clearly established prior to purchase agreement, clearly understood by sellers and meets quality and integrity requirements on delivery, as specified in the contract agreement, purchase order, relevant technical specifications and applicable statutory codes and regulations.

We primarily focus on the materials and equipment used in process industries such as Oil & Gas, LNG, Petrochemical, Refinery, Fertilizer, Nuclear, Thermal, Steel; but we do support other industries such as Automotive, Aviation, Construction, Industrial Manufacturing, Defense, Hydro Power, Solar and Wind Power, Mining, Pipelines, Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Rail & Road, and Pharmaceuticals in their critical areas.

Example benefits of Supplier Quality Assurance by PSG  will include that:

  1. Defect trends will decrease.
  2. Overall performance will improvement.
  3. Number of supplier “Corrective Action” requests will decrease.
  4. Result in Productivity and Cost of Quality (COQ) savings.
  5. Number of certified suppliers will increase.
  6. Supply Bases will be optimized.


Some of the key elements of the Industrial Sector Services are :

  1. Review of critical drawings, Design Assurance Reviews, Evaluation of Vendor capabilities.
  2. Supplier Quality Management, Oversight, Monitoring and Performance Evaluation Audits.
  3. Development and effective implementation of Quality Management Systems.
  4. Review of purchase order documentation, criticality based buyer’s Inspection & Test Plan, Review of Testing Procedures, Performance and Acceptance Testing.
  5. Planning and Management of Procedure Qualification Records (PQR) and Writing and reviewing Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS).
  6. Preservation and Storage Monitoring of stored & Installed materials and equipment
  7. Construction, Fabrication, Dimensional Control, Installation and Commissioning support primarily with Welding, Flange Integrity, NDE, PWHT, PMI, Coating, Valve Inventory and  Welding and Bolting inspection.
  8. Facilitation of Lessons Learned, Metrics and continuous improvement practices.
  9. Conformance Certification of the constructed facility to an agreed National or International Standard such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 etc. or Asset Integrity Certification to PSG’s Standards of an Installed Fixed Offshore Facility.

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