Infrastructure and Transportation Sector


Reducing risk and improving transportation efficiency is essential to minimize safety, and ensure smooth logistics. The movement of people, and the efficiency of global supply chains depend on effective transport networks and available Rail-Road-Air-Sea (RRAS) infrastructure.

How Do We Help

Our monitoring and evaluation plans helps clients from planning phase, and before the design phase of a program or intervention until its completion. The plan includes the information on how the program or intervention will be examined and assessed, underlying assumptions on which the achievement of program goals depend; anticipated relationships between activities, outputs, and outcomes (the framework); well-defined conceptual measures and definitions, along with baseline data; the monitoring schedule; a list of data sources to be used; cost estimates for the monitoring and evaluation activities; a list of the partnerships and collaborations that will help achieve the desired results; and a plan for the dissemination and utilization of the information gained.

This plan makes safe, reliable design and operations, and effective project management as top priority for the organizations involved in the infrastructure development.

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