The risks related to movement of bulk cargos of Minerals & Chemicals has several associated risks. These can include inaccurate quantity, loss of material and poor quality due to contamination or cargo damage and can lead to significant financial losses for the interested parties.

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Our Minerals & Chemicals Inspection and Testing Services entail performance of vessel draft surveys, inspection and gauging of vessel and shore tanks, cargo sampling and topographic volumetric surveys at loading and ports of discharge.

Vessel Loading and Discharge Supervision of Coal, Coke, Nickel Ores, Iron Ores, Clinker, Silica Sand and Cement Products as well as deliveries and Weighing Supervision of Steel Products including Shipment and Stockpile Sampling and Periodic Volumetric Survey and Stocks Position Inventory.

Special Problem Solving Services i.e. Technical Audits, Devising Quality Plans, Loss Preservation of Bulk & Bagged Materials during Transit, Stock Verification, Factory Audit & High Density Aggregate Testing are other key elements of our services.

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