About Us

Prima Strategic Group Inc. (PSG) is a leading Business Consulting, Bench Marking, Process Transformation, Cost & Project Assurance, Pricing Diagnostic, Digitization, Third Party Inspection, Independent Design Review, Regulatory and Compliance Inspections, Training, and Certification Group that provides independent services to industrial houses, businesses, governments, and to not-for-profit organizations. PSG provide its clients, Lessons Learned based Customized lasting solutions to improve their performance, realize their goals and make appropriate policy decisions.

Who We Are

PSG is a global group, comprising hundreds of professionals and subject matter experts lead by great entrepreneurs. These all are like-minded people, dedicated to develop and implement the higher quality standards in businesses and social programs. PSG as such is more or less a co-operative venture whereby many of the professionals, working with company are equity shareholders as well as stakeholders. PSG serve to broad mix of private, public, and social-sector organizations globally. Our company is designed to operate as ‘One Global Team and is owned by several partners, spread across the globe.

What We Do

We serve our clients in both ways ‘bottom-up and ‘top-down‘. Bottom-up helps streamlining and improving the efficiency of working category people and processes; whereas in ‘top-down approach we help cascading the top management’s expectations to every level of their organization; and we remain as a hands-on coach for front line employees.

Our Mission

PSG’s mission is to understand Customer, Industry, Community and Government Agency needs in order to provide custom-made Assessment, Verification, Monitoring, Evaluation and Consulting services for ongoing, existing, new capital investment projects, retiring assets and social programs, by conducting risk based Environment, Health, Safety, Quality and Quantity Verification, which support the Efficiency and Economy of the program initiatives.

Our Vision

To develop and promote higher Quality and Business Standards in Industries and Social Programs to help eliminate economically challenged conditions of businesses, improve unsafe situations for living and create a transparent and ethical environment.


Business Consulting

We work with clients on development of an efficient Business Management System, Developing Execution Strategies, Mitigating Problems; and help develop Organizational Capabilities, Business Skills and Knowledge

Audit and Assessments

We perform Review and Audits; and Supplier Assessments to ensure that products and services comply with organization’s Management System, Industry Standards and Local regulations. We cover the entire…

Inspection and Verification

Our world-leading Inspection and Verification services, such as checking the Condition, Quality, Quantity and Weight of purchased goods at the point of origin and trans-shipment verification of wo…

Skill Development

PSG’s priorities are to help People, Organizations and Countries to attain self-sufficiency in term of executing their work, developing new products, and building skilled work force so that new challenges can be easily overcome.


We help our clients to demonstrate that their Products, Processes, Systems or Services are in conformance with either their Own or National or International Standards and Regulations or Customer defined standards, …

Knowledge Management

We enable our Clients and Suppliers to develop confidence in each other by identifying areas of concerns and strength & weakness;and provide support in fulfilling gaps and achieving a seamless alignment….

Our Products

Business Management System (BMS)
Evaluation and Monitoring of Social Programs(EMSP)
Managing Supply Chain Dynamics (MSCD)
Quality Management of Investment Projects (QMIP)
Energy and Environmental Management System and Audits (EEMSA)
Valve Integrity Management System (VIMS)
Efficiency & Economy Improvement of Projects (EEIP)
Independent Inspection & Investigations (III)
Flange Integrity Management System(FIMS)